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For some people, misshapen and protruding ears can be difficult to deal with, especially for kids. They can often be teased about the appearance of their ears. Luckily, there are safe and effective procedures that can improve the appearance of the ears.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Overview

Cosmetic ear surgery, or otoplasty, is often performed to improve both the functional and cosmetic appearance of the ears. For a person with prominent ears, it can not only be a source of embarrassment but also cause psychological distress, particularly in children. Otoplasty can be done on ears that stick out too far from your head, are larger or smaller than normal, or are misshapen due to injury, trauma, or a birth defect. 

  • Can ears be reshaped? Yes. Ears are made of cartilage which can be folded in certain ways to improve the appearance of the ears. Also, part of the cartilage can be removed to change the projection of the ears. 
  • Who might need cosmetic ear surgery? Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of the ears.
  • Can children have otoplasty? Children can safely undergo cosmetic ear surgery if they meet the following requirements:
    • They must be at least 5 years old
    • Their ears are 90 percent of their adult size
    • Their cartilage is stiff enough 

Types of Otoplasty Surgery 

There are three types of otoplasty surgery that can be done, depending on the reason:

  • Ear Remodeling: This type of otoplasty is typically done to correct ears that are misshapen, either due to an injury or a birth defect. An incision is made behind your ear, and cartilage is manipulated in order to reshape your ear. Sometimes folding or shaping of the cartilage requires additional, permanent stitches to maintain the new shape. Dr. Zandifar will then reposition your ear and secure it with permanent, internal stitches.
  • Ear Pinning: This type of otoplasty is for reducing the prominence of your ears, and bring your ears closer to your head. It involves an incision behind your ear, followed by the removal of excess ear cartilage and skin. Your ear will then be repositioned and secured with permanent, internal stitches. 
  • Microtia or Macrotia Repair: This type of otoplasty is done to either correct ears that are too small (microtia) or ears that are too large (macrotia). Similar to other procedures, an incision will be made behind your ear, and, in the case of larger ears, cartilage and skin will be removed, while for smaller ears, you may need cartilage grafts to enlarge your ear. In both cases, Dr. Zandifar will reposition your ear and secure it with permanent, internal stitches.

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Otoplasty Recovery

After the surgery, a dressing will be placed over your ear, which should remain in place for several days. You may experience some bruising, swelling or redness, as well as soreness, but most pain is well controlled with minimal pain medication. After the dressing is removed, you will generally need to wear a special headband at night to protect the shape of your ears. 

Otoplasty Surgery Cost

If otoplasty is being done to relieve a medical condition, your insurance may pay a portion of the costs. However, typically, since otoplasty is done for cosmetic reasons, insurance does not cover any of the costs, which can range from $7000 to $10,000.

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