Dr Hootan Zandifar specializes in Functional nasal surgery helping to treat the chronic symptoms of nasal congestion and sinusitis using minimally invasive procedures. When dealing with chronic nasal congestion, or difficulty breathing as a result of a structural defect in your anatomy such as a deviated septum or enlarged nasal turbinates surgical intervention can the best course of action.

Dr. Zadifar offers functional nasal procedures that are less invasive than Rhinoplasty. In the right circumstances these treatments can permanently alleviate symptoms that make it hard to breath and improve your quality of life.

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Most noses have a nasal septum that centrally bisects the two nostrils, allowing for optimal airflow and nasal breathing. When the septum is not straight, it obstructs one or both nostrils, which affects nasal airflow. A septoplasty straightens the nasal cartilage and corrects the crooked septum. 

Inferior Turbinate Reduction

This procedure benefits patients that suffer from a nasal obstruction that negatively affects airflow, nasal breathing, and causes a longterm “stuffy nose”. This procedure is often recommended for patients suffering from sleep apnea and chronic nasal congestion.

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Repair of Nasal Valve Collapse

Repairing a collapsed nasal valve does not necessarily require surgery. Non-surgical treatments can include both steroid and non-steroid allergy medications and other non-invasive treatments. Non-surgical methods are designed to increase the airway, so breathing is easier.

Surgical Repair of Nasal Valve Collapse

  • Latera Implant
  • Vivair Treatment

Patients suffering from a severe obstruction of the nasal passage, difficulty with nasal breathing, chronic nose bleeds, and several other symptoms are often excellent candidates for surgical repair of their nasal valve. There are several options for treatment, including latera implant and vivair procedures.

Septal Perforation Repair

A septal perforation repair procedure is necessary when there is a hole that extends through the nasal septum. This procedure repairs the perforation and therefore eliminates the symptoms, which can include chronic nose bleeding, unavoidable “whistling” while breathing through the nose, and difficulty breathing.

Balloon Sinuplasty

When a patient is suffering from sinus blockage, a balloon sinuplasty is often an effective treatment. This procedure is minimally invasive, convenient, and safe. It’s highly effective at opening blocked sinus passages and eliminating chronic sinus infections. 

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

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Chronic sinusitis can be effectively treated with endoscopic sinus surgery that treats and restores normal sinus function. The procedure results in a widened sinus passage that can eliminate trapped mucus, eliminate reoccurring sinus infections, and restore the sense of smell.

Allergy Treatment

Allergies can affect the ability to breathe efficiently through the nose. Sublingual immunotherapy is a no-shot method for treating allergies without the need for a painful injection. This procedure is innovative and can be a highly effective allergy treatment for many patients.

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