Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery

What is Nasal Valve Collapse?

The nasal valve is the narrowest part of the nasal airway located in the middle to lower portion of the nose. There are two regions of the nasal valve, the external valve, and the internal valve. The internal valve is located at the middle portion of the nose. Its purpose is to limit airflow to support filtration, moisturizing and thermal regulation. Because the nasal value is the narrowest part of the nasal airway it can be subject to further narrowing or collapse. 

What causes nasal valve collapse?

There are several different causes that can lead to nasal valve collapse including trauma, prior nasal surgery (especially rhinoplasty) or weak nasal cartilage. The internal valve is situated a bit more anterior to the external valve and can collapse during inspiration, called dynamic collapse. Nasal valve collapse causes include trauma, genetics, or years of nasal obstruction, leading to weakened connective tissue in the region. Typically, rhinoplasty is one of the most common causes of nasal valve collapse, although continued inflammation or scar tissue are common causes as well. 

How do I know if I have a Nasal Valve Collapse?

A nasal valve collapse is a weakness or narrowing of the nasal valves. Nasal valve collapse symptoms include nasal obstruction, congestion, and difficulty breathing. It can also cause you to snore.

We can easily diagnose your condition in our either of our Los Angeles plastic surgery offices, but you can also get an idea of our condition if you have the following symptoms. 

  • Your breathing is improved when the cheek skin is pushed toward the ear, or
  • Your breathing is improved with Breathe-Right(or similar) strips

In certain cases, we may need to perform a nasal endoscopy as part of a closer examination to confirm a diagnosis.

Can you fix a Nasal valve collapse?

Yes, it is possible to fix nasal valve collapse using various surgical and office-based procedures. Nasal valve collapse accounts for over 30% of the causes of nasal obstruction, yet most surgeons will either not look for it or cannot treat it effectively. This leads to a higher surgical failure rate if incorrect procedures are performed. Sometimes, surgery to fix a deviated septum or an enlarged turbinate can unmask a nasal valve collapse.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Nasal Valve Collapse 

Non-surgical treatment may include the use of allergy medicines or Breathe-Right strips.

Surgical Treatment for Nasal Valve Collapse

Surgical treatment includes cartilage reconstruction to improve strength, often with a septoplasty to straighten the septum.

Dr. Zandifar evaluates the nasal valve before each surgery to decrease his surgical failure rate. Addressing the nasal valve during surgery has been a passion of his, and he has developed unique techniques to address the nasal valve. 

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Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery and Other Treatments 

There are several different treatment options for nasal valve collapse, which depend on if you have an internal valve collapse or an external valve collapse.

  • Internal Nasal Valve Collapse: There is only one procedure that helps an internal valve collapse.
    • Septorhinoplasty: This procedure utilizes spreader grafts, which are pieces of cartilage taken from another area of your nose and attached to the collapsed nasal valve so that it remains open.
  • External Nasal Valve Collapse: There are several different procedures used to treat an external valve collapse.
    • Vivaer Treatment: For this treatment, we can remodel the area of the external valve and decrease the dynamic collapse. This treatment is done in an office setting. 
    • Latera Implants: These implants are placed in an office setting and strengthen the external valve to decrease dynamic collapse. 
    • Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery: Batten grafts have been used to thicken the nasal valve but sometimes make the area appear bulky. Dr. Zandifar uses a technique he has perfected to strengthen the external valve and improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose with a limited amount of downtime after surgery.

Is Nasal Valve Collapse Surgery Painful?

Although it can be uncomfortable to have this procedure, most people can manage the pain with little to no pain medication.

Nasal Valve Repair Cost

Since nasal valve repair is typically done to address a medical condition, insurance can cover some of the nasal valve collapse surgery costs.

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