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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Services in Beverly Hills, CA

Zandifar, MD, located in Beverly Hills, California, offers ethnic rhinoplasty services to help restore the appearance and function of someone’s nose. This rhinoplasty focuses on maintaining recognizable features for different ethnicities and respecting a person’s cultural identity and background.

 What is ethnic rhinoplasty? 

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a nasal surgery performed on individuals to improve their function and appearance while preserving distinct features unique to their culture and ethnicity. Contrary to popular belief that one inherits nasal features directly from the parent, the biological evolution and climate of your area of origin may define your nostril width, height, projection, and length. An ethnic rhinoplasty gives you an ancestry nose shape while also considering your unique qualities, not changing your character or heritage. 

Types of ethnic rhinoplasty

The surgeon will give you a nose job that aligns with your ethnicity and distinct features. Computer imagining is essential for any case to explore the possibilities of a nose that gives patients a natural look. The common types of ethnic rhinoplasty include: 

  • Asian Rhinoplasty: This type of rhinoplasty involves adding to the structure by increasing bridge height to define the three-dimensional nature of a nose more clearly. The nostril may also be narrowed and the nose tip refined. 

  • African American Rhinoplasty: This procedure involves a reconstructive nose job to change the shape of individuals whose ancestry draws back to Africa. Most African Americans have flatter noses with wider nostrils, while others might have a more of a bridge.

  • Persian, Middle Eastern, and Arabic Rhinoplasty: Most middle eastern patients may have soft cartilage, a large bump, or a droopy tip. They may also have a deviated septum that causes significant breathing problems. Persian, middle eastern, and Arabic rhinoplasty mainly involve augmentation and reduction while also looking not to overdo the nose as most surgeons have done. 

  • Hispanic and Latin Rhinoplasty: Hispanic patients have a wide range of features, including thin skin, wide bridges, and bulbous tips. This may create a flat, under-projected look that requires augmentation and projection to correct. 

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Patients who go for ethnic rhinoplasty aim to achieve improved appearance and functionality with a nose that fits their face. Regardless of your current features and desired outcome, Dr. Zandifar and his team are uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic and functional nose improvements. Contact us today in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule an appointment for personalized services.

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