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Facial Liopsuction vs. CoolSculpting

The demand for facial fat contouring is on the rise.  But there are several methods to accomplish this.  Two such methods are the use of facial liposuction and CoolSculpting.  But which method works better?  Which is the more cost-effective treatment?  Let’s talk about these two techniques.

Facial lipo contouring technique

Facial fat contouring using liposuction has been a tried-and-true method of fat contouring of the face.  This technique utilizes the use of small liposuction cannulas usually attached to a suction device to remove the fat from facial structures.  Small puncture incisions are made under the chin and around the ears to access the areas that are being treated.  The cannula is passed under the skin and the fat is removed.  This procedure can be done in a surgery center under light anesthesia with the use of tumescent technique.  The area of the face that is most commonly treated is the submental region (area under the chin).  However, using the liposuction cannula, the entire neck region can be treated.  The results are predictable, and the amount of fat removed is very controllable.  One of the benefits of removal of fat with this technique is that by using the cannula under the skin the inflammation during the healing phase can cause some skin tightening and allow for a better contouring of the neck fat and skin.  The disadvantages of this technique are that there is a fair amount of swelling and bruising during the post-operative period.  This can take up to two weeks to settle down.  However, the result is usually apparent immediately after surgery.  Furthermore, during the first month of healing there may be lumpiness of the neck that usually settles and results in improved contouring.  Facial lip contouring can usually cost anywhere between $5000-$7000.

CoolSculpting facial contouring technique

CoolSculpting is a technique by which an external device is attached to the skin over the areas where we want to remove the fat.  The device will suck in the skin and fat and using proprietary techniques, it will cool the fat under the skin.  The fat is cooled to a temperature that causes the fat cells to undergo apoptosis (die off).  Over the next few days to few weeks the body will remove the fat cells and the result is observed.  The procedure is very well tolerated and usually there is no need to have any anesthesia.  After surgery there may be some pain and discomfort and usually there is some mild swelling and bruising of the area that may last a few days.  The advantages of this technique are that the procedure does not require any anesthesia and is usually very well tolerated.  The disadvantages are that the result is not usually apparent until a few weeks to a month after and in most cases, there will need to be a second or even a third treatment to get the optimal results.  Furthermore, there is no clear indication that any skin tightening can be accomplished by this technique and thus after the procedure it is possible that there will be sagging of the skin along the treated area.  CoolSculpting treatment of the submental area can cost anywhere between $3500-$5000

In this head-to-head comparison, facial liposuction comes out as the better option with more reliable and predictable results.  However, you must be willing to undergo anesthesia, be willing to have 2 weeks of recovery and be willing to spend a little bit more money.  However, if time and money are a consideration then you may consider CoolSculpting as a viable alternative.


Facial Lipo Suction Before

Lipo Before

Facial Lipo Suction After

Lipo After

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